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Characteristics of Success

By threecheers_editor | August 16, 2020 |
what are the common characteristics of success

We all know or have heard of people who have achieved a certain level of success. These individuals motivate us to achieve our own goals and dreams. But what makes these successful people tick? This article will explore a few common traits shared between successful people, in the hope you can learn from their habits!

1. Confidence

Confidence - the ability to navigate uncharted waters and blaze a new trail is a common trait with successful people. They don't let the opinions of others slow them down or prevent them from pursuing their goals. They boldly forge ahead and solve problems as they arise.

2. Good listening

Successful people are often good listeners because they've realized that listening to other people can help them make better decisions. They'll consider multiple viewpoints and gather as much data as possible before making a decision. There is a fine balance to achieve here, however. Although successful people can and do listen to the opinions of others, they are still able to formulate their own ideas and take action to achieve their goals.

3. Knowledge-seeking attitude

A common trait in successful individuals is the attitude of continuous learning and yearning for knowledge. Successful people are always learning new skills that can improve their own lives and the lives of the people around them. Reading is thought to be a key habit shared between successful people. Through books, new ways of thinking and approaching problems can be developed, leading to greater success over the long term.

4. Ability to adapt

We rarely see all of the struggles and failures that a successful person had to go through to get to where they are today. The reality is, nobody is perfect and right 100% of the time. The most successful people in the world have failed at many things. The difference is, they never gave up. They kept honing their craft until they were able to achieve some success. Often, most "average" people are afraid of attempting something out of fear of failure. Whereas "successful" people just try it, and if it fails, they consider what happened, learn from it, and try again or change their approach, adapting to the situation. The most successful people in the world have far more failures than successes, you just don't see or hear about their failures because they've adapted over time and eventually won.

5. Take responsibility

Whether they win or lose, successful people take responsibility for their own actions. They don't make excuses. They accept what happened, learn from it, and improve. They refuse to place blame on others, instead, they focus on systematic solutions to the problems they encounter. Their goal is to prevent the problem from happening again instead of just blaming someone else.

6. Think outside the box

We've all heard this term before, but the reality is, it's true! Often what makes someone better than average is thinking differently than average. Blazing a new trail will almost always encounter resistance because you'll be going against the norm. The real challenge is to be able to come up with new ideas, and then stand behind them, following through with consistent daily action, solving problems as they arise, until your goals are achieved.

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